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Application forms are available from Lawrence House or can be downloaded from this website. Lawrence House is not “Direct Access” accommodation. This means we cannot directly accommodate people who come to us, unlike some hostels or night shelters. All individuals who wish to apply for accommodation must first fill out the Application Form and, if appropriate, subsequently attend an interview to assess their need. Applications are accepted from single homeless persons between the ages of 16 and 25 years, regardless of whether they are employed or not. Referrals may come direct from applicant or from outside agencies. Applications must be made in writing on the official Lawrence House Application Form which is available from the office, website and other local agencies. Staff will always check if an applicant needs help to complete the form. Homeless young people who are physically disabled but who feel they can cope with the environment of the house and don’t require help with physical care may also apply.

Lawrence House welcomes all applications. The Accommodation is suitable for:

Single people aged 16-25 years old, without dependants

People actively seeking to improve their situation

Those who want to succeed with the support we can offer

Those who really do want to take the first steps in achieving their own sustainable accommodation

Referrals are only refused if health and safety risks are unacceptable or the eligibility criteria are not met. All candidates are individually risk assessed for suitability to become a resident at Lawrence House and this will include history of criminal convictions. We are not able to offer accommodation to a prospective resident who had been convicted of, or suspected of, arson, sexual offences or serious violence. Lawrence House is able to support people with a low-medium risk profile. The project may not able to accommodate people with a severe mental health problem, or acute dependency on drugs or alcohol. Each referral will be considered carefully, taking into account the needs of the already existing resident group as well as the needs of the prospective resident and the level of support that can be offered both from within and outside the project. A support agreement may need to be signed by a social worker or other professional before a client is accepted. This may happen when the support needs of the client are higher than can be provided by the staff team at Lawrence House. There is a detailed procedure that sets out how staff will deal with interviews to make sure we treat all potential residents fairly, and to make sure we properly record how we have treated individuals in case anyone complains. Lawrence House is wheelchair accessible and operates an Equality and Diversity Policy. Hinckley Homeless Group will ensure that all existing and potential residents receive equality of opportunity and treatment. We seek to ensure that no prospective resident receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, colour, religious beliefs, disability, ethnic origins, sexual orientation, HIV status or personal circumstances.

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