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Lawrence House

Lawrence House is a medium stay (maximum stay is 24 months) supported accommodation project for homeless young people in the Hinckley & Bosworth area of Leicestershire.

We provide accommodation for 12 single people between the ages of 16 and 25 of either sex.

Hinckley Homeless Group came together and operates as a group of people interested and concerned about homelessness issues. Our main activity is running Lawrence House which we founded in 1992 in conjunction with Leicester Housing Association.

The directors are all volunteer members of the Management Committee.


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Louise Adams
Project Manager
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Linda Cope
Project Worker
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Steve Widdowson
Project Worker
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Charlotte Richardson

Lisa Bexton
Administration Assistant

The Management Committee

Hinckley Homeless Group consist of a small but dedicated team of volunteers who run Lawrence House, which has been successfully serving the community in Hinckley and Bosworth for over two decade, with the support of our local borough and county councils, as well as a large number of local community organisations and trusts.

The Group is a “company limited by guarantee”, but we are also a registered charity and non-profit-making company. We do not have shareholders but we do have a formal structure of membership. Our “Articles of Association” - the formal document which sets out what our aims are – allows anyone to become a member who is in sympathy with our objectives.

If you would like to be a formal member of HHG, you will be declaring your support for our work, will then have the right to come to General Meetings and vote for the committee (who are the company’s directors). In return, you will be accepting some responsibility for the financial affairs of the Company if it should fail – but all you will be doing by signing up is agreeing to pay £1 (one pound) if for any reason the Company fails.

We realise that not everyone who supports us will want to formally commit themselves in this way, and we fully understand that. Everyone who supports our aims is very welcome to attend general meetings and be involved in what we do whether or not they are members of the Company. But only members will be able to vote or join the committee. If you would like to become a member of the Company, please contact the office. You can cancel your membership at any time by notifying the Company Secretary at Lawrence House.


  • Diana Morgan - HHG Chair

    Work: Retired. Previously Dentist in General Practice and Community Dentist.

    Skills: Through being a dentist working with a wide range of people I have developed useful people management skills. Since becoming a HHG trustee I have needed to learn new skills such as fundraising, making grant applications and marketing. A course at the School of Social Enterprise sponsored by the Lloyds Bank Foundation has been very helpful.

    Membership: since 2012

    Reasons: I have been concerned for the homeless and those whose life-choices are restricted by poverty and deprivation ever since I lived and worked on the high-rise council estates in London as a newly qualified dentist. Since joining I have become impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the Hinckley Homeless Group trustees and the Project staff team at Lawrence House. I’m proud to be part of a project that gives young homeless people who have often had such difficult lives a real home and all the support they need to make a success of their lives.

  • Dave Steer - HHG Vice-Chair

    Work: National Grid Gas, Support Manager for the Gas National Control Centre with specific responsibility for the Control and Telemetry systems for the UK Gas Transmission System.

    Skills: Experienced people manager. PRINCE 2 Practitioner, IAC/LCCI Skills Assessor / Verifier ( NVQ etc ) Long History with HHG.

    Membership: since 1997

    Reasons: A long term passion for working with young people following a very short term of sofa surfing at age 22 / 23 and therefore understanding of some issues affecting young people.

  • Simone Hines - HHG Treasurer

    Work: Qualified accountant specialising in the public sector and currently a Director of Finance and Procurement at a local authority.

    Skills: CIPFA qualified accountant and a Masters-level qualification in leadership and management

    Membership: since 2005

    Reasons: Living locally I have always been aware of Lawrence House and the impact the project has on residents’ lives. An opportunity to become a trustee arose through a Work colleague and I wanted to be part of such a valuable project.

  • Peter Trickett

    Work: Director of a midlands based Plumbers Merchant, supplying materials to heating and plumbing engineers. My area of responsibility is for sales and marketing for the trade side of the business.

    Skills: Experienced in leading teams and working in markets outside of the UK. School Governor for twelve years. I have also worked as a Youth Leader, working with children with learning difficulties.

    Membership: since 2016

    Reasons: In life, I believe we can all make some wrong decisions that could put us in a situation where we are not sure who to turn to and what to do next. HHG can give support to those young people who have reached a low point in their life and need somewhere to live and get some valuable advice and guidance to put them back on ‘track’ again.

  • Steven Morgan

    Work: I have been a GP locally for almost 30 yrs.

    Skills: I have skills related to health based problem solving, counselling and supporting. I have experience of helping to manage a Doctors' Surgery with a staff equivalent to about 25 full time employees.

    Membership: since 2012

    Reasons: My reason for wanting to be involved was that I daily see the problems young people get into through no fault of their own, often related to family problems.

  • Anne Young

    Work: I am a retired manager having worked in the energy industry for more than 25 years. I now focus my time on my family, as I have 4 young grandchildren.

    Membership: since 2014.

    Skills: I have had both operational and project management experience and bring this to the roll of trustee.


To find out about Hinckley Homeless Group's policies on Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Staff Management, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Lone Working and Outreach and Resident Management please contact us on [email protected]